individual astrological forecast

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Pavel V. Karev,

Doctor of Astrology, Candidate of Science,

Chief Coordinator of Fortune Control Center


Astrology is the oldest knowledge system. It is over 5 thousand of years. The power players were and are still using its services. The greatest scientists of the past and the present possessed and still possess knowledge about it. Squillion of charlatans lived and are still living on It.

And do you believe in Astrology yourself? For example, for me such a question is similar to a question “do you believe in math?” or, more precisely, “in biology or botanics”. Astrology is not a faith; once again - it is a knowledge system.

Have you read horoscopes? Do you thick that it is possible to write a horoscope? And do you know what a horoscope is?

Horoscope is the following:


Horoscopes are built! It is a planet location scheme at the moment of birth. In order to read a horoscope you need to know astrology. Using this scheme astrologer can describe a lot of things related to character and life of a person. It is like a sip of wine for a taster, and grass blade for botanist. Accuracy and extensiveness of his narrative depends on experience, skills and talent.

And now let’s have a small experiment. Look at the pictures of two horoscopes. These are the horoscopes of two people having the same birth date but different years and places of birth. They are both Cancers. Do you see anything similar on these diagrams? Open a few magazines with astrological forecasts or popular websites with horoscopes. You can imagine even without opening them that “horoscope” will be the same for them, but always different in different sources. Is it possible to take “horoscopes” seriously after that? Moreover, the majority of such a “horoscopes” are written by the whole friendly and cheerful editorial staff or by a worn-out editor in the last fifteen minutes prior to page-proofing. One should not believe “horoscopes”!

Never the less, horoscopes are very popular. According to Rambler statistics about 80% of search engine users regularly read horoscopes. And to make this reading not just an insignificant entertainment but worthy, you need to know what to read.

First, “horoscopes” for signs of zodiac are mildly speaking inaccurate. Their accuracy is about 5-10% only in case if they are composed by an astrologer. Only individual horoscope prepared based on a birth date, time and place can be considered correct.

Second, astrological forecast as per horoscope cannot be recommendatory. In reality it is a statement of a fact. Thus, when a popular astrological forecast states “go shopping”, its probability is 1/12 from the original 5-10%, i.e. less than 1%. Only a man with Mercury managing his second house of horoscope will go shopping, the other – with Mercury managing its seventh house will deal with “partnership relations” despite all recommendations.

Third, everybody got addicted to written “horoscopes”. However it is known that in order to describe a subject or event more precisely, bigger amount of words is required. The more the words the harder to understand what is written. One needs to grasp the meaning and come to think of it. Remember the text-books!

Thus, it is very difficult to write an accurate individual horoscope; to read and understand is also a hard work. That is why, a text of individual horoscope is usually long, and its meaning is vague. An “Interpreter” is needed.

There are three ways out: you can hire a personal astrologer, become an astrologer yourself or the third way.

This article is devoted to the third way.

Well, daily astrological forecast is made based on constantly changing current position of real planets in relation to individual horoscope planets fixed at the moment of birth. Did you like the definition?.. Based on this calculation every day a person has 10-20 astrological events. Can you imagine how to describe them in words, if, in addition to all, they are self-contradictory.

Earlier I was not a professional astrologer, but I was a professional scientist in the sphere of “artificial intelligence”. With scrupulosity characteristic of me (it proved to be my Moon in Virgo!) during three years I analyzed over 17 thousand individual daily astrological events concerning their correlation with real life events. The result was stunning: it appeared that it is possible to forecast an event with an accuracy to several minutes. Before me nobody did such experiments as these calculations are very time-consuming. Appearance of personal computers at that time and the happiest combination of astrology and programming in my organism allowed me to reach this goal. In the course of the experiment it appeared that a certain calculated astrological event can be filled at your own discretion by different events of some sphere of life: and by doing this it is possible to manage the events. Thus, for example, if something “bad” is forecasted, it is possible to “put” there something “needless”, and if “good’ – something “important”.

Calculated astrological events are convenient to be reviewed in the form of many-colored arcs and sectors against the 24 hour dial background. Their angular length is duration. Color is a quality, to be more precise – character of an event. Such Dial of Fortune gives graphical picture of events for the whole day. And as everybody knows one picture is worth a thousand words! Of course, it is unusual at first site, but at third or forth – everything becomes clear. You can see immediately what the day is: “good”, “bad” or sometimes not clear.

The same day for the first one and the second.


Let’s look at two forecast days shown on the pictures. In reality it is the same day, but the first one is for a person with the first horoscope and the second one is for a person with a second horoscope. Immediately you can see the differences. Even visually you can see that a forecast for different Cancers for the same day can be different, even completely different, if to look at the color. Guess who has a better day and when is better. Of course the first one has. And of course after 17:00. Probably, you understood that light colors are “better” than “bad” dark ones. The arcs on the scheme mean long baseline state of a person, and sectors – his short-term events.

It is worth to look at first on the arcs. “Good” arcs with “bad” sectors are better than “bad” arcs with “good” sectors. The more “good” colors, the better a day.

If the first Cancer has a meeting at 15:00 it is bad. But nothing at all serious – he has a “good” day. Supposing that a second Cancer has a meeting at 20:00, then this meeting either would not occur or drove him to despair, as everything went pear-shaped for him starting from the morning. Let’s suggest that the first meets with the second to sign an important contract at about 20:00. What do you think; will it be a mutually profitable one? Of course, no!

This is a forecasting of events using the Dial of Fortune.

Now let’s move to planning. Try to appoint important matters when sectors are positive, at the same time selecting the days with favorable arcs. If you cannot do this, it means that the event is deliberately not needed, it will not bring you any profit, only tortures and costs. That is why it is not worth to start important matters in “bad” time, it is better to replace them by “unimportant”.

Have you noticed that this type of forecast says nothing about subject of an event. There are two causes for that. First, in order to specify whether the event is connected with money, career, “public house” or “long road”, it is required to know exact time of birth with accuracy of up to 4 minutes. Second, all the same you are not able to change event subject sphere. That is why it is not worth worrying about the future, your horoscope will correct you activities to plan what “seems is required”.

The Dial of Fortune is just telling you whether you fit or not to the life situation, where you find yourself during your lifetime.

By the way, you can check it. Make forecasts for several future days and write on a paper “good” and “bad” times of separately standing sectors and forget about them. It is better if somebody else would do that for you in order to eliminate the effect of self-programming. Immediately (just Immediately!) after the time specified in paper has passed, mark “good” or “bad” event by a plus or minus. Only in this case the check will be correct!

The Dial of Fortune is very convenient for on-line decision-making that transfers daily astrological forecast from entertainment to a reference & application-oriented tool. It is enough only to send an SMS message stating your birth date-time and required date of forecast to a short number and in several minutes your WAP-available individual event scheme will be calculated.


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